If your child has brain damage or has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (of any type, including Ankle Clonus, Athetoid, Hypotonic, Spastic Diplegia, Ataxic or Hypoxia-Induced) we can you help secure lifetime benefits. JEFFERSON LAW is associated with a national group of birth injury attorneys who can help you.

Children are born with preventable birth injuries every day. Many of these terrible injuries are due to the negligence of doctors, nurses and hospitals. Cerebral Palsy may be due to an accident during labor and delivery. You deserve to know if your child's disability is due to negligent care and you have the right to investigate its cause and know the options you have. You have the right to seek legal assistance to help defray medical bills, education costs and help prevent the same error from happening again to other children.

You may contact us about what financial and legal assistance you and your child may be entitled to.